An update from Abbey Road Studios

From recording innovations and new studio development to music education and rewarding technology start-ups, Abbey Road Studios offers artists, students and music lovers the chance to be involved with the most famous recording studio in the world.

Crucially, Abbey Road Studios is the place where the next-generation of artists, engineers and producers will realise their ambitions and continue the landmark work and innovation that has seen the biggest album, film and video game productions come to life since 1931.

So, what is happening at Abbey Road Studios right now?

Abbey Road Studios is getting some new studios

This is the biggest transformation in the history of Abbey Road Studios. Two new rock and pop studios are being built to make Abbey Road Studios more accessible to developing artists. A new mixing stage, that is Dolby Atmos Premier accredited, is also being built to cater for the increasing amount of film work coming to the UK and builds on the Studios’ hugely sought after film scoring business. The stage will help film makers with all elements of post production sound as the film business in the UK continues to develop and evolve.

Abbey Road Studios is helping the next generation of technology start-ups

Abbey Road Red is a program that develops and supports the next-generation of music technologies from music creation to apps, equipment and the wider technology that will change the way we create and enjoy music in the future. An incubation program gives start-ups access to mentoring at Abbey Road Studios and access to Universal Music. One of the first start-ups involved in the Red program is Ossic, a company developing the world’s first 3D headphone which utilises head tracking technology and the ability to dynamically adapt to the user via anatomy calibration. Applications are invited all year round and Abbey Road Red is the very first music tech incubation program in Europe.

Abbey Road Studios can help you build a home studio and enhance your own recordings

From software plug-ins to recreations of original Abbey Road Studios pre-amps, Abbey Road Studios offers the software, hardware and services to recreate the sound of the studios, instruments and legendary acoustics. Online mixing and mastering allows anyone, anywhere in the world to get their work mixed and mastered by one of the award-winning engineers directly at Abbey Road Studios.

Abbey Road Studios has a classroom full of students

The Abbey Road Institute offers music students an opportunity to extend their music and studio education. The intensive 12 month course covers everything from music theory to engineering and acoustics, production, management and an in-depth look at the ever-changing music business. The Abbey Road Institute is all about developing the next generation of studio talent and sharing the wealth of knowledge from the team at Abbey Road Studios.

Abbey Road Studios has a shop

The Abbey Road Studios shop is open for business. Located beside Abbey Road Studios, visitors can buy exclusive memorabilia, artwork, speakers and a wealth of music products selected by Abbey Road Studios. The shop can also be accessed online by clicking here .


Click on images below for high-res files.

Abbey Road Studios

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