Topline – the first ever app from Abbey Road Studios and it’s free

October 3rd 2017: Abbey Road Studios launch their first ever app today on iOS.

Topline helps you catch your musical ideas instantly and precisely, sketching the beginning of a song as it happens.

You can share files easily, sing over imported tracks, add lyrics, tags and pictures, find previous work at speed, and always have space for new ideas by synching songs to your favourite cloud.

To develop Topline, Abbey Road Studios worked closely with emerging songwriters and producers from across London to understand their creative needs. 

They all shared a big concern about losing original song ideas – either through not being able to capture them easily when they occurred or by finding it impossible to locate them later.  Abbey Road Studios decided to solve this challenge for artists by designing an intuitive and ingeniously simple to use app with music at its heart.

The result is Topline, the latest in a continuing series of innovations designed to bring the Abbey Road magic closer to music makers whenever and wherever they create.


“At Abbey Road Studios, we recognise that music production has changed dramatically as a result of the digital revolution, wider accessibility of recording technology & direct distribution routes and the boom of DIY culture” says Dominika Dronska, Senior Digital Manager.

“As the recording process changes in ever dynamic ways, music making becomes more democratic.
We want to ensure that Abbey Road remains at the heart, and are actively looking for new ways to take our expertise beyond the walls of Abbey Road to support and enable creativity across all groups of music makers. With this in mind, we got to work with a group of unsigned DIY artists from London to understand their methods and challenges.”

“Topline is our answer to the most pressing of those challenges, a need to quickly capture and collaborate on song ideas, which we co-designed with the musicians.

While we discovered that their production processes are as differentiated as their recording set ups. They all care about their song ideas the most, and equally they struggle to capture them.

This sounded like a challenge that Abbey Road could readily solve to boost creativity for writers and producers globally and to connect ‘the stars of tomorrow’ who no doubt will be coming through the doors sooner than we expect.

Just consider how many good songs remain trapped forever in old notepads, dictaphones and even voicemails. With Topline, from Abbey Road Studios, we can unlock that genius”.

Topline follows innovations such as online mastering and mixing by Abbey Road Studios alongside Abbey Road Red, a startup incubator which has guided emerging music tech companies to success.

You can download the app today via the App Store – click here.

Why should artists use Topline?

Catch ideas effortlessly 

The clean and simple user interface makes capturing your initial song ideas easy and enjoyable. No more using Voice Memo to record ideas and losing track of your file names.    

Create music using three tracks

Sing over an imported track or add up to two tracks of audio to your original file.

Express your vision

Build and organise projects in your own way by adding lyrics, tags and pictures.

Import and collaborate

Import audio files from Mail, Cloud, Google Drive and Dropbox and share via email.

Find projects fast

The inbuilt map tracks the time and place of every capture or action, enabling you to locate your work rapidly.


Thanks to Orin Norbert ,  Elize Kellman and Thaliah Newton.

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